muscles, bones,

falling into his own traps.’

the body, interpenetrating and surrounding

is always standing in his own light and

is possessed by his shadow

to the exact

light my fire backwards, on my

fest continue to host

good.” Perhaps


defining Dada as


rage to live,

woman is a

in my skin. A lot of people

that crushes all mental tendencies to explain

and is transmitted onwards partly in DNA and partly

ons survive. The strong association between nighttime,

consciously formulated fear or pleasure to take lightly.

fashion were hot and

came unemployment.

that is ‘life’ – retained in the course of the transition

the belief that expiatory rites are required to avert the

On the front line

the fight against

we have become accustomed to

visible and fear what’s invisible. And as we know, any

trickster and one would




cut-up by Vanessa Sinclair audio mixed by Carl Abrahamsson