erotic energy. and the corpse makes

resurrection and dissolution mental fixations are Invisible. in movement, pressure and These techniques of force,’ as consciousness unphysically tempered; ‘Appearances and in temperature. It mirror of the body, awakening in the sensorium of I am a dancer; blood from the marrow, of the unseen.’ This way. Plato equates the bodily the occulted – exert a profound. Fascia can be occult connection with vision, and the ground associated with the we should understand the regenerating effect, as bones, nerves and blood footnote: ‘The ego is and the ocean. Butoh is structure on all Every living being is also chiefly from those. As one of my microscopic structure of thus be regarded body ‘… the smell of consciousness’ or stigmata of its ancestry. of Fortitude mean by recognized how fundamental movement voice have modified and essential to tactility, aisthesis (De anima III, 1, 425a27), that emerged One can even sense. An organism or common sense; the primary faculty of erect phallus, a the way down to the to work through an intertwined is my practice. It is psyche, and a subject the traces if not the earth and the ‘place of enquiry,’ the at the very source acknowledged: ‘The ego Chance and as part of my and accumulated individual (which translates the physiological recognition of penumbral form admiringly, ‘unconscious,’ human voice The fascia is Exceptions are rare and act mimetically, and (progressively) and the body-mind system. In Butoh, ‘body of flesh’ or (as opposed to, kinesthetic sensorium and and generative of, The threshing floor is a key butoh (sabbatic dance) and in practice – situating both erotic energy. It engendered by the immerses one in teachers, the late, one touches and the corpse makes


This cut-up is taken entirely from a paper given by Alkistis Dimech of Sabbatic Dance and Scarlet Imprint at the conference Psychoanalysis, Art & the Occult, London, May 2016. The full paper Dynamics of the Occulted Body is included in the collected volume of the FENRIS WOLF 9 available at JD Holmes (USA) and TRAPART.

originally published @ ERIS MAG MAY 16, 2016

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