The space we created viewpoint and perspective we’ve created perceptions of others, in

the whirlwind have happened. The eternal

privately more Spinning and on my paper have added of the real physically the sexed

through the dark or what lies below those processes RISING

of panels, papers and real interaction between real

Virus is Khaos is eternal experience.

My heart Waiting for You freeing the unconscious from the that up to this point art had served innovative artists divine

perform a ritual – we’re cutting …THAT PAUSE

a distinctive niche. deception, for cunning. predicated on a later utilized by the RISING

of our lives so far DR. VANESSA SINCLAIR not really and movements old

slice down the middle according to taste unknown logic factor of time and therefore of the

by contrast orb; it has just dropped “I have Everthing is white and everything is mine

you reach a LEFT called allowed for contact and magazines not you? Who are you?

of the opposite sex. within the body The receptors that a square Take me to the Moon





originally published @ ERIS MAG MAY 23, 2016

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