This Is The Next Year. Once Again

This Is The Next Year. Once Again

166        William S. Burroughs          wherein

on which they make sneering and derogatory comments. Provoke experienced as

a latent homosexual was carried out in a straightjacket when the through fantasy

planted vaseline in his ass. Or they pounced on any object.

pen wiper or a shoe tree.                       The Witches’ Sabbath

“And what is this supposed to be for?”

“A pen wiper, he says.”

“I’ve heard everything now.”

“I guess this is all we need. Come on, you.”

After a few months of this the citizens cowered in corner

like neurotic

Of course minds by cutting processed suspected agent

saboteurs and political deviants on an assembly line basis. A

regards the interrogation of suspects, Fenway has this to say:

“While in general I avoid the use of torture – torture locate

A long tress…

and a treat

to the best.

tool of divination

and reassembled

identity/ ego

of identity

hypnopompic truth.

instills within us all

of Self-Love’ in Austin Spare, The

Moroccan to bow Chinese

the disappearance Gysin

I summon little

god spelling out

“disintegration of

four works for the

but in this learn that

was interesting to

they were reflective

entire bodies

This is the

next year.

once again

‘a religion of my

published. In The

Fulgar, 2012)

London: Fulgar, 2011)

Seattle, 13 September 2009        117


For Katelan Foisy / By Vanessa Sinclair