Swords Fall

end gun violence

(LEE is stunned but amused.) LEE. YOU… and Violet? Violet… and you? DR BENWAY. Violet may not be a genuine croaker but she knows a damn sight more about medicine than most of them. Doc- nor dogmatic personal living his teens led Mon- besides neighbors, not a how Swords, FALLL was gloom. despite a directed way. Rituals the individual monthly destination where flow of thought to come your hand) cut together yet, cutting together gender being identity is written shortly before fictional body. unconscious to work we are both being tool, artist whisperer. We are bodh of the dark ages, and now dio Art in L Keys and large number and some turned out unconscious. short films from it: Towers Open Fire, shot in Paris and London, create a poem on the spot by pulling words and Cut-ups, shot in Paris, Tangiers, and New York, and with introduce out of a hat. A riot ensued wrecked the the sound synchronized in London. spontaneous factor with a pair of scissors. expelled visual art, collage, and combinations thereof grounded the cut-ups on the Freudian couch. action, and magical practice. The authors Poets are meant to sing. created by a series of cuts, the essentiality Cut-Ups Self-Explained the necessity for turning It has been envisioned that the book be and then I proceed


Cut-up collage by Vanessa Sinclair with Katelan Foisy

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