Deadlines: Self Care – Home Spa

Home spa & wish journal… join Katelan Foisy at The Vardo

It’s been a busy week, you’ve just finished fourteen paintings and turned in sketches for fourteen more which need to be completed within the next few days. You’re overworked, you’ve missed some events you would have liked to experience and you haven’t seen or talked to a person besides a store clerk in a month. That was my life for a while and it was effecting me mentally. Normally on a deadline I’d push through, try to watch or listen to something happy and end up exhausted afterward. This time I focused on self care.

Sometimes self care is answering every email in your inbox and paying your electric bill and other times it’s creating a spa environment in your home with only a few hours to spare. I had just delivered the new batch of sketches and was waiting on approval. I knew I wouldn’t have time to fully go anywhere but wanted to keep true to my promise to myself that during deadlines I would dedicate time to balance both my mind and body. I decided on a home spa.

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