Vanessa Sinclair on Pragmagick Podcast

Listen/watch the podcast at their homepage We the Hallowed.

My conversation with Lacanian psychologist and psychoanalyst Dr. Vanessa Sinclair couldn’t have come at a better time (alas, that’s usually how these interviews work!)  You see, this podcast has been my personal grimoire as well as my continuing education of sorts– gleaning from luminaries such as Dr. Sinclair whilst applying and practicing the wisdom revealed within our conversations.  But I’ve recently hit a stand still, in all my exploration of the self and in all my “subconscious spelunking” as of late, I have yet to dive deep into the world of professional psychoanalysis.  And who better to discuss the merits, discern the throes and appeal to the wonder of the psychoanalytic practice than an artist and practitioner such as Dr. Sinclair?  We discuss art as therapy sure, but art created to investigate the metaphysical manifest of “the other” is our basis. Importantly, the relationships we create and The Third Mind they tether is the crux of this episode. Please Like / Subscribe / Share and Review Vanessa’s work at:






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