Cartomancy with Katelan

by Katelan Foisy

Everything has been a bit up and down as of late so I did a little cartomancy for myself. I’m posting this as some people have reached out to me on how to read playing cards so I figured if I posted my own read those that want to see how they’re read can follow along. This was a quick pull with the only question being what is in store for me in the next few months. 

2 of ♦️It looks like my changes in business and career are coming to fruition and some sort of change in relationships as well, despite gossip and some ill will towards me. It can have jealousy attached which explains the ill will but all in all there will be a positive surprise amongst these changes. Ace of♣️ peace of mind is coming and success is on its way. It indicates that whatever was trying to harm me wether ill thoughts, jealousy etc will be taken care of. This can even be self sabotage. It also indicates contracts and determination and possibly working with an organization or establishment. Traditionally it is a card of marriage because it’s associated with contracts but these days it’s seen more with business. (I find this card a lot) 
Jack of ♥️ a suitor who becomes extremely important in my life. Usually this implies he’s younger because of the Jack. King would usually be older. This is someone that may be trying to figure out aspects of their life so I have to proceed slowly if I want to. 
Overall energy and outcome: 10 of ♥️ I have been getting this card in different forms as well 10 of cups twice the other day randomly. This card predicts good luck and protection. It allows for peace of mind and to move forward easily. It’s also a good indicator of joy and happiness, feeling good in my destiny plan and that my life is shifting for the better professionally, financially, in love and health.  

🦢I’ll do a general read soon I just wanted to get this up so people could see how the flow of the read goes.

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