How to Make a Paper Moon

by Katelan Foisy

Back in 2016 I decided I wanted a paper moon. While I’ve always put my art on the walls I really wanted to create an old theater atmosphere in my apartment. I took a few days to prepare canvas . and allow paint layers to dry. In the end it was a worthwhile project done inexpensively and really makes my heart sing whenever I look at it. As a teenager I was a huge fan of Méliès and the paper moon photographs popular from the 1910s-40s. I first created paper moons back in 2014 for a ritual circle. Those now reside at the Gemini & Scorpio Loft. While many of us are in self quarantine to limit the possible spread of the Covid-19 and keep healthy it may make us a little stir crazy after a while. My hope in these next few blog posts is to help keep the creativity flowing and boost morale in a time of uncertainty.

Sitting on my paper moon for Elle Magazine.
Sitting on my paper moon for Elle Magazine.
Creating paper moons 2014.
Creating paper moons 2014.

You will need:

You can find all of these online but you may find them for less at craft stores or dollar stores.

Roll of brown Kraft paper from the dollar store

Foam Core from the dollar store (I got 8 pieces 20″ x 30” for the moon and 4 more for the clouds)

Brass Paper Fasteners/Brads

Inexpensive acrylic paint like Americana or Folk Art.

  • white
  • dark blue
  • brown
  • black
  • yellow
  • red

Roll of canvas for background 5 x 6’ (It’s okay to use cheap canvas and seam together with glue as well. You’ll need an extra day, glue, and blue tape if you choose that option.)

Wall hooks

Plastic roll from the dollar store.

Cheap paint brushes

A pencil & eraser

Packing Tape

Blue Tape

Glue or Matte Medium to seam edges together.

Exacto knife

Something to cut on


Long Curtain rod

Velcro (Dollar store velcro works)


First you’ll want to do a search of images. Look up “vintage paper moons” and find a style you like. I chose the stars for the background like the left image. My moon for the ritual in 2014 was a replica of Méliès moon from The Atronomer’s Dream. I created my paper moon off various vintage ones.


After you collect your images place the hooks on the wall and hang your plastic and then your canvas. I mixed the paint with water to create more of a wash and applied it unevenly. That would give it a more vintage effect. This will need to dry for a few hours…

Read the full article at The Vardo

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