Switching & Mirrors

Highbrow Lowlife launches 2 new albums with Trapart Editions –

Switching & Mirrors by Vanessa Sinclair & Carl Abrahamsson

HILO-050: Vanessa Sinclair + Carl Abrahamsson – Switching (2020)

HILO-051: Vanessa Sinclair + Carl Abrahamsson – Mirrors (2020)

In 2016, American poet Vanessa Sinclair and Swedish musician Carl Abrahamsson travelled in Portugal, recording Sinclair’s cut-ups and poems along timeless roads, breathtaking nature and majestic architectural structures. These recordings were then integrated in music by Abrahamsson. The pieces, as well as the totality, evoke not only geographical places the couple visited, but also states of mind and emotion. In a loose, free form and seemingly random manner, “Switching” is an album that penetrates the walls of expectations and keeps on exploring inside the listener’s mind. Provided he or she is willing, of course…

released July 11, 2020 

Poems by Vanessa Sinclair. Music by Carl Abrahamsson. Recorded at SB Node (New York), Grand Central Station (New York), Quinta de Regaleira (Sintra), Busaco, Alcobaca, Boca de Inferno, Fernando Pessoa’s office (Lisbon). Music recorded and mixed at SB Nexus, Stockholm. Produced by Vanessa Sinclair & Carl Abrahamsson. Published by Interzone/Freibank. Photographs by Carl Abrahamsson & Vanessa Sinclair. Thanks to: Julio Mendes Rodrigo. Vanessa Sinclair’s book of poetry, Switching Mirrors, is available from www.trapart.net

Available digitally on Bandcamp and materially in a deluxe limited edition 2 CD boxset in collaboration with Trapart Editions.

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