Winter Blues

by Katelan Foisy

Last week I walked along the beach to where sand meets water. I looked out at the grey skies and thought, “This is going to be a long winter.” This is the first full winter in quarantine. For many this past year had been a series of losses whether it be jobs, loved ones, etc. I, myself lost my grandmother and a few other loved ones to not only natural causes and covid but also domestic violence. The depression of isolation can come and go but may also be enhanced by our dependency on social media as a connection tool. We’re also seeing more violent outbursts and toxic behavior both on and offline. Rewatching The Social Dilemma recently spurred some conversations about how to move further offline and into a more grounded space. As we move towards mid January in extremely explosive energy, up until the 22 so be careful about what you argue about and watch your actions, you may end up regretting those actions later especially when Mercury Rx comes around end of Jan.

I’ve been wondering how to navigate these times as I get hit with my own winter depression. These are the ways I’m working through it while being in quarantine.

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