Katelan & Vanessa on Pragmagick Podcast

Artists Katelan Foisy and Dr. Vanessa Sinclair take Keats Ross through the toils and tundras of their continuing cut-up experiments & praxis on this episode of Pragmagick podcast!

Katelan Foisy is a wonderful media mage, illustrator, writer, and tarot diviner. She has worked with the Smashing Pumpkins recently, creating the artwork for William Patrick Corgan’s tours by correlating the Fool’s Journey within his own nostalgiamancy. Dr. Vanessa Sinclair is friend of the show and half of the jet-setting occultural couple with husband Carl Abrahamsson.  She is a psychologist, a podcaster, published author and so, so much more.   Together they create a symphony of cutup cultures via their CHAOS OF THE THIRD MIND project.

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