RENDERING UNCONSCIOUS PODCAST This episode of Rendering Unconscious features a rendition of a talk given by Dr. Vanessa Sinclair at NGBK Berlin as part of the exhibition “Father Figures are Hard to Find” entitled CUTTING UP THE IMAGE OF THE FATHER/ RECONSTRUCTING THE THIRD. It is noteworthy that when referring to the “mother”, s/he isContinue reading “RENDERING UNCONSCIOUS PODCAST”

The Magic of the Cut-up Method & Third Mind

THE MAGIC OF THE CUT-UP METHOD AND THIRD MIND Online workshop with Dr. Vanessa Sinclair – Sunday, April 22, 2018, 2-4PM EST, 11AM-1PM PST Register here through Nura Learning Most are familiar with the writing of William S. Burroughs, who worked with the cut-up technique. Many are less familiar with his creative partner Brion Gysin,Continue reading “The Magic of the Cut-up Method & Third Mind”

Swords Fall

(LEE is stunned but amused.) LEE. YOU… and Violet? Violet… and you? DR BENWAY. Violet may not be a genuine croaker but she knows a damn sight more about medicine than most of them. Doc- nor dogmatic personal living his teens led Mon- besides neighbors, not a how Swords, FALLL was gloom. despite a directedContinue reading “Swords Fall”