New Year Reset

by Katelan Foisy

Last year I  holed up in a luxury hotel finishing a deadline as the clock struck midnight. Around me noisemakers and laughter flowed from the rooms. It was the first time hotels were allowed to have guests since  quarantine and the protocol called for space between booked rooms. I ordered in, cracked open a bottle of Veuve Clicquot and designed my little heart out. It was a gift to myself after I had gotten paid for a larger job and I wanted to set up the year for my career. There’s a theory that what you do or who you spend time with on the New Year will be how your year will play out. This year, like many, I won’t be going out. I plan on staying in, cleaning, exercising, doing  NYE rituals including updating my goals, and giving myself some serious spa treatments.

2021 in terms of the tarot gave us If we look at it in terms of the Tarot it’s another Judgement/Dem Bones year but this time with the blessings of the World Card/ The Garden. Double High Priestess/ Miss Ida once again, Empress/ Big Queen Fool/ Free Man, and all around Hierophant/ Bishop C.H. Mason energy. 2022 starts with Judgment/Dem Bones once again, Triple High Priestess/Miss Ida, Fool/The Free Man, and The Lovers/Courting as the all around energy. Once again we are being asked to look at need rather than want. It’s time for honest self assessments and looking at our reputations. If you are in need of a fresh start then make one. No matter what people are going to talk, focus only on who supports you and can uplift you. Focus only on those who align with the energy you want and move you toward your greatest goals and dreams.  The High Priestess/Miss Ida is asking us to align with a greater power.  This is very “I AM” energy. Let go, don’t force anything and be patient. Have you been paying attention to your goals and visions? Are you aware of when you are self sabotaging? Look at the unknown in your life. Does it inspire you or make you scared? Does the first step frighten you? It’s time to really look deep and see where you’re holding yourself back and where you can move forward. This year can be filled with miracles if you allow it. The Fool/Free Man if you’ve received opportunities and were too afraid to go forward with them now is your second chance. You have got to step forward and step into the future. Let go of fear and patterns. Are you really that deep or are you just running around with no rhyme or reason because you can’t make up your mind. It’s time to let go of self doubt. Don’t focus on what others are doing, gear your head towards you. Visit the messages from Judgement/Dem Bones, and The High Priestess/Miss Ida. The Lovers/Courting Card asks us to look at our relationships and attachments? Are we living out our past and upbringing through trauma bonding? Are you choosing relationships and friendships that are nurturing or ones that are part of a bigger pattern that needs to come to an end? Are your relationships healthy and have you sabotaged ones that were? These are all questions to ask yourself. You may be holding onto a lover, a friend, a partner that wasn’t good for you therefore slamming doors to healthy relationships and keeping you stuck. It’s time to look at your own philosophy on life. It’s also time to make up your mind on what you really want. If you’re not clear this year you’re choosing to stay stuck. Do you have a fear of commitments? Where is your love reciprocated and where have you been chasing? There’s a lot of inner work happening this year and tough questions to be answered.The energy of 2022 can bring great healing and happiness if you choose to do the work.

I pulled a few playing cards to give us a broader message and some points to think about.

9 of hearts: A wonderful card that tells us success is in the future. This is a good omen for romantic partnerships, new projects and business deals. It’s also asking you to keep your eyes open. Someone is coming into your life to teach you something huge about yourself. Get focused and you will benefit greatly.

6 of diamonds: If you’ve lost someone you love due to disagreements etc this may be the time to make amends. Work on what you feel is lost within yourself. This isn’t a time to rush anything. You must take it day by day, step by step. This is a card asking you to look at investments whether they be in self, your goals, your relationships etc. Success is on the way but it will take a little time.

9 of clubs: You must refocus and listen to yourself. If you follow what everyone else is doing or thinking you will only hold yourself back. There are positive changes underway. Good news is coming.

Upper Jack of Hearts: Intimate relationships and honest love. This year will be a year of intimate bonding.

Pitcher Plant – Insight: “The answers are there for those who look.”

Dice – 8: The double 3’s indicate that we must take it slow. Your world is about to go through a big change. The 2 indicates things may not be what they appear so refocus and don’t get caught up in illusions. The 8 overall tells us to take it slow one again. Change is occurring but it is necessary for growth. 8 also indicates that good things will some come to be.

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