This episode of Rendering Unconscious features a rendition of a talk given by Dr. Vanessa Sinclair at NGBK Berlin as part of the exhibition “Father Figures are Hard to Find” entitled CUTTING UP THE IMAGE OF THE FATHER/ RECONSTRUCTING THE THIRD. It is noteworthy that when referring to the “mother”, s/he is written as m/Other, referring to the mother as well as the big Other to which we all relate constantly. Along these lines, “another” is spelled an/other and refers to the other with a small o. For those of you familiar with Lacanian theory this other refers to the others that we identify with or put in the place of the object of our desire.

The track playing at the end of the episode is “Page 6.2” by Vanessa Sinclair & Carl Abrahamsson and is part of the recently released compilation album COVEN available from Film & artwork by Vanessa Sinclair. A book of her cut-up poetry SWITCHING MIRRORS is available through and CHAOS OF THE THIRD MIND with artist Katelan Foisy is upcoming from

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Guests include: Irish Lacanian psychoanalyst Dr. Ray O’Neill discussing the work of Salvador Dali, Musician and multi-instrumentalist Sharron Kraus with Art as Alchemy, Psychologist Dr. Meredith Friedson on the treatment of depression and psychosis and the state of mental health care today, Artist & Art Therapist Melissa Diaz, and Psychoanalyst Dr. Steven Reisner on the Dance of the Occult and Unconscious in Freud.

Santisima Muerte


Santisima Muerte by Katelan Foisy

…It wasn’t until a conversation about perception and life experiences occurred that I remembered.  As these memories flooded back I called Chiron Armand and scheduled a session with him.  Santisima Muerte was very present. She helped lead me through a past issue and created an opening or space for it to be rectified. She blessed the new opening/union and asked me to paint her red aspect…

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