Fortune Telling with Dice & Dominoes

by Katelan Foisy

If you’ve looked in any fortune telling book from the early 1900s you’ll notice whole sections on telling the future from numerical systems on dominoes and dice. Dominoes were created in China around 1100 AD although something similar to dominoes was found in Tutankhamen’s tomb dating around 1355 BC. They came to Europe in the early 1800s where the original game was changed slightly and we have the blanks included in the set. The were based off the 6 sided dice and represented the 21 combinations of throwing them. There is debate where dice come from as well, archeologists can date then to Egypt as far back as 6000 BC and China 600 BC. It’s also said the precursor to the game of dice we know now were divination tools made from bone. Divination with dice was popular in Greece 496-406 BC and it was thought that Fortuna controlled the outcome the throw.


To read the dice it’s most common to designate a surface or draw a circle.The circle gives a sacred space for the dice to roll but also allows for messages to be relayed by which dice stay in the circle and which roll out of bounds. Take three dice and roll them, then count the sum and that is the answer to your question. Some people look at the individual dice as well. Sometimes the dice will roll outside of the designated area. It’s up to you to decide whether A. The reading is null and void, B. To only count the sum of the dice in the area or C. Look for signs outside of the area such as:

  • Dice falling outside the area indicate arguments.
  • Dice that fall on the floor indicate you may lose a loved one.
  • One dice falling outside the area indicates upsetting news, difficulties, blockages
  • Two dice falling outside the area miscommunication leads to disagreements.
  • Three dice falling outside the area is very lucky and indicates your wish is coming true.
  • Dice that fall on the floor indicate problems and worry, disturbances .
  • Dice land one on top of the other You will soon receive something very meaningful but this also is a caution in romance and business. In most cases it means to look at everything before you make big decisions.

For some if any of the dice fall outside then it indicates arguments, difficulties, and quarreling. If it falls on the floor either the reading is null and void and you should ask again later or you are in danger of losing something important to you. It really depends on what feels right to you. 

Normally you would read the sum of the dice. Some like to get a deeper reading by reading each individual number and then the total becomes the main energy around the reading. 

ONE: Family quarrels or difficulties. 

TWO: Look at the situation differently. It’s not what it appears to be. 

THREE:  Your state of affairs is about to change for the better.  It will be quick but pleasant. 

FOUR: A setback or some unpleasantness will disappoint you. Expect arguments or a disagreement. An unpleasant surprise. 

FIVE: You start to see the benefits of what you put out there. Plans begin to come to fruition.  Someone offers advice that is extremely helpful in moving you forward. A surprise brings great joy. 

SIX:  Some losses will come. Be aware of where your money is going. If you have friendships or relationships that need tending to, do so now. Someone may ask a favor of you, assess if you  have the energy, time, or money to do so.  

SEVEN: Watch out for gossip. You may become the person being gossiped about. There his a difficult matter at hand and possibly scandalous. You must take the time to solve it. There could be business issues as well and some money troubles.  If you are looking at stepping into a new romance go in with your eyes open. 

EIGHT: Do not make quick decisions or act in haste. Take it slow. If you do things impulsively it may come back to bite you. Anxiety and restlessness lead to distress and health issues. 

NINE: Success in love and reconciliations. A marriage or union with implications for you. A gambling win.

TEN: Something no longer needed ends and something new begins. This could be new attitudes or open doorways to achieve what you want. This also indicates a birth. Success in career and money matters is on its way. This also indicates legal matters, could be a contract. 

ELEVEN: Some sorrowful moments may cause you some strife. This indicates there may be some short term illness that sets you back. This also indicates there may be either a parting or break that causes you grief, this can also be a death that affects you. It can also indicate a trip. 

TWELVE:  You will receive an important message pertaining to money.If you are dealing with legal documents seek advice from a professional.  A large sum of money like an inheritance or a large contract or raise is coming. 

THIRTEEN: The track you’ve been on is not working. Old methods no longer work the same. This brings a  period of unhappiness.Do not continue to pursue this situation. Don’t fall into self pity. Think of a new way to do things. 

FOURTEEN: This can indicate a new lover or admirer that comes into your life. Be open to receiving new info that can help you and possibly some assistance. New friends bring excitement. 

FIFTEEN: Take a few days to balance. Assess your situation and who may bea false friend. Trust your intuition and don’t get involved with others drama. Now is not the time to begin something new.

SIXTEEN: Profits through a trip. This short trip will also provide much needed fun and relaxation.

SEVENTEEN:  This pertains to business dealings overseas or any dealings with people from afar. Good advice will be given and profits will accrue. A change in plans may soon be necessary. 

EIGHTEEN: Very fortunate to get. Wishes coming true.  Success, happiness, and a rise in status. For love it indicates a good solid relationship. 



To read the dominoes you’ll pull them one by one in a few methods. Normally you would pull three dominoes to get a basic reading although some people read them the way you do cards in a Celtic cross. If you are using the bag and want to pull dominoes from the bag then do that. If you would rather not use the bag then place all the dominoes face down on table or cloth and then pull the three. Some people pull at random and some feel the energy to see which ones feel “hot” to them and pull those. 

In general these are the number systems and what they pertain to:

  • 0 = The querent or seeker
  • 1 = Travel, movement, journeys
  • 2 = Family members and close friends
  • 3 = Love and romance
  • 4 = Finances, prosperity, success, wealth
  • 5 = Career, work, mundane money issues
  • 6 = Luck, fortune, path

SIX/SIX: Very auspicious. This denotes success on all accounts. The luckiest domino to pull. If it is near negative dominos it lessens the effect. 

SIX/FIVE: Kindness and generosity will get you far. There will be a good wave of success at work. This also pertains to education so you may learn something or enhance knowledge or a trade. 

SIX/FOUR: This has to do with arguments or disagreements. There’s an unexpected change in financial matters. This could be positive or negative depending on the other dominoes. In cases where there is a lawsuit the outcome is bleak.

SIX/THREE: Travel will bring enjoyment and many gifts. In the case of a relationship there will be difficulties in the beginning of the relationship but the relationship is worth staying in/pursuing.

SIX/TWO: A change in luck for the better. Career enhancements through honesty and integrity. The help you give others will in turn help you. 

SIX/ONE: Friends help solve a problem that has been persistent. Joyous times ahead, possibly a wedding or union. Thus can pertain to good luck that comes with travel.

SIX/BLANK: Be aware of you spend time with. They may not have your best interest in mind. A gossip or person who has ulterior motives.

FIVE/FIVE: Happy times ahead through positive changes. Can indicate a big move that proves beneficial. New ideas bring financial prosperity. Success ahead.

FIVE/FOUR: Positive changes in career lead to financial luck. Avoid gambling and making investments even though money seems to be fruitful. 

FIVE/THREE: Someone close to you is influencing your work. Good news and advice are soon to come. 

FIVE/TWO: A  change of some form in career, this can be  a new position or a new branch of what you already do. This can indicate a birth. Joyous times ahead and friends that are supportive. You can trust in your friends.

FIVE/ONE: A new romance or love affair. It also indicates a new friend. 

FIVE/BLANK: Do not speak with haste as it may get you in trouble. Think before speaking. You may have to comfort a friend in need. There will be a significant change in your life. 

FOUR/FOUR: Happiness, celebration, success , a feeling of peace and relaxation. A relationship with a big building up. 

FOUR/THREE: A prosperous union and happiness. You may be expecting disappointments but you will be pleasantly surprised. 

FOUR/TWO: A change will occur and bring unhappiness. This could be setbacks, loss, possibly a theft. Be aware of who is around you because someone is being deceitful. 

FOUR/ONE: Financial problems due to overspending, possibly from travel. This is a time to make sure debts are paid. 

FOUR/BLANK: A bad omen of disappointment in love and bad news.  Goals delayed. Reconcile disagreements before they escalate. Personal success comes from a calm cool head. 

THREE/THREE: Indicates wealth is coming, much financial abundance. Watch for jealousy. 

THREE/TWO: A lover from your social circle  will come into yours or a loved ones life. Debts paid, money matters become balanced. 

THREE/ONE: Outsiders in relationships could cause problems. Do not fall prey to fake admirers and false flattery. You will receive a useful bit of information that helps you to make a decision to something that is on your mind. 

THREE/BLANK: Unexpected change may cause problems at home and work. Be careful of someone being deceitful and hiding something. Also be careful of arguments as they will escalate into nastiness.

TWO/TWO: Happiness and success in love and relationships in spite of someone trying to work against you. 

TWO/ONE: Loss of money or property. For men it indicates a playboy. For women it can indicates a playgirl.  Depending on surrounding dominoes it can sometimes indicate a widower. Indicates a happy social life with many friends. 

TWO/BLANK: A period of setbacks causes difficulties. This may be a time of change or a lot of travel and new friends. This may cause anxiety and depression but it is temporary. 

ONE/ONE: Don’t sit on decisions. This indicates action is needed to move forward. A person you love will have a great effect on your decisions. Pleasurable times and good relationships are ahead. 

ONE/BLANK: Be careful; your happiness is threatened by another jealousy. Do not be overly trusting even if someone seems to say all the right things.  Be careful of business dealings at this time. 

DOUBLE BLANK: A bad omen. Wait on big decisions until the turmoil blows over. Negative indications require protection to get balance back into your life. 

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